6 Wedding Limo Rental Planning Tips

Tip #1: Consider All The Driving For The Day

When you’re in the haze of wedding planning, it seems like every little detail is a major decision. Unfortunately, a lot of the major decisions are forgotten in the process, like transportation. How are you, your bridal party and the other key people in your wedding getting around on your big day?

Big entrances and beautiful exotic wedding limos go together like, well you and your significant other. The question is though, how will you get from the ceremony to the reception? How will you get from your reception to your hotel or home?

When you’re planning your wedding discuss the multiple distances, you’ll need transportation for throughout the wedding day, not just for the big arrival.

Tip #2: Book Online

Nothing is as convenient as ordering online. The reason that this tip is on here though is that you can have a copy of your reservation and confirmation on your phone or computer. When you book online, screenshot the details of your order and your confirmation information.

That way this information is easy to find and access at any point in time. Bonus points go to the bride or groom who shares this screenshot and keeps other key people in the loop.

Tip #3: Ask For A Route “Backup” Plan

It might seem strange because you might typically trust a driving service to know the immediate area well. A route plan should have the best route to get you front one place to another, with a backup plan for heavy traffic, accidents or other unseen road issues.

Unexpected things happen, and wedding days seem to be prime time for the unforeseen to happen. Backup plans are essential.

Tip #4: Research Your Limo Service

Not every service is everything that you would expect, and some are outright disappointing. Ask questions before you commit to that service.

Try these:

  • Can you decorate the vehicle?
  • Are photos permitted?
  • Is the car you select what you’ll see on your wedding day?
  • Is that the car you want in many of your wedding photos?
  • Will everyone fit?

With fun and classy limo ride, transportation will be a breeze, but if you run into issues like the wrong limo showing up it can put a damper on the mood.

Tip #5: Decide Who Needs Transportation

While the bride and the bridal party will usually get the benefit of a limo arrival, how will you transport everyone else? Then there’s the concern of multiple venues. How will your bridal party go from ceremony to reception if you newlywed’s want a private ride?

When accounting for transportation plan for:

  • Newlyweds
  • Wedding party
  • Both sets of parents
  • Siblings
  • Grandparents

If you’re exceptionally considerate, many couples plan to transport the out of town guests as well. Does this seem like too much? Don’t worry because you don’t need to provide transportation for everyone on this list if it doesn’t fit into the budget.

For budget-conscious couples, you can consider renting a party bus rather than planning out separate transportation for so many people. Or, you could opt to use the limo service as a private way to indulge with your new spouse. The ride from the ceremony to reception can be great for catching your breath before the party starts.

Tip #6: Book Well Ahead of Time

That spring wedding dream falls right in the midst of Prom and graduation season, so be sure to schedule at least three months in advance. For other seasons there is a little more leeway.

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