What Can You Expect from A Full-Service New Jersey Limo?

A New Jersey Limo service should provide a range of options to cater to a variety of customer needs. So, what exactly should you expect? As a luxury service, you should have high expectations and openly discuss your needs with the limo service you use.

A full-service limo experience should be truly magical, so don’t expect anything less. Moonlight Limos offers full-service options for any event, catering each service to our guest’s needs. Here are the fundamental aspects of a full-service limo package that you should expect.

New Jersey Limo Options Should Have Luxury in Every Detail

There’s no arguing that luxury stands out from options that are just “nice” or “okay” and full-service limo packages should do just that, stand out.

A fleet with a wide variety is sure to have something for everyone — classic limos as well as specialty options such as the Rolls Royce Ghost or the Denali Super Stretch.

Every option includes its own set of features that create a one-of-a-kind experience. The Rolls Royce Ghost offers a dry and wet bar, and a cozy four-passenger cabin. This option screams luxury for an intimate couple.

Whereas the Denali Super Stretch seats 18 people, has a jet door, disco floor, and three-tone interior. This limo has two wet bars, and completely adjustable environment controls — a luxury for a party or life milestone such as a wedding.

Outstanding Reliability

Reliability comes in two aspects when concerning limo services. A full-service limo company should have extremely reliable vehicles and extremely reliable drivers.

Party buses and Limos do need constant maintenance. Unfortunately, many full-service limo companies delay maintenance because it means that the vehicle is out of service for repairs. Choose a limo option that puts their vehicles first, with monthly and pre-trip inspections.

You don’t want your limo to breakdown in the middle of traffic while you’re trying to get to your wedding. Or worse you don’t want the limo to breakdown in the middle of traffic hotspot like the turnpike where you may be stuck for hours.

When looking for full-service New Jersey limo options, ask when the last time the vehicle was inspected. You can also request that the vehicle goes through an additional inspection a few days before your event.

Courteous and Consciousness Drivers

Although you might initially dream that the limo itself is what’s making the day so special, the experience comes down to the chauffeurs — attention to detail, flexibility, knowledge of the area and outstanding customer service.

You can cuddle up in the back, have a party, or make your businesses next great stride towards success. Chauffeurs should always be silently anticipating your needs. Our drivers go through extensive training to understand and adapt to a variety of situations.

A driver should always be aware, courteous, and on time. Moreover, customer service goes beyond quietly navigating the roadways of New Jersey. Do you need help getting in and out of the luxury jet doors? A chauffeur should help with that. Outstanding chauffeurs anticipate these small details.


Safety is always a top priority. Driver’s should regularly go through drug screening as well as follow-ups on their licenses and certifications.

A full-service limo company though must take measures past making sure that their drivers have the correct licenses. Road conditions, traffic, and other everyday disasters crop up, and in New Jersey, it’s no surprise that the number of crashes is rising every year.

Driver’s should go through training with the company to adapt to road conditions, anticipate other driver’s and respond to the unexpected. Safety is what ensures that any wedding, trips to the shore, site seeing, date nights, anniversaries, prom nights, graduations and more, go smoothly and are memorable for all the right reasons.

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