Tips for renting a limo for NYC Fashion Week

NYC Fashion Week 2015


Besides convenience and comfort, reserving a limo for NYC Fashion Week is one way you can use to get to fashion events in a timely fashion.

Whether you have decided to rent a limo or are still considering renting a limo for NYC Fashion Week, the below tips will make reserving your limo for the week’s events a fun and rewarding experience.

Tip #1: Reserve your Limo for NYC Fashion Week Ahead of Time

Many limo companies will accommodate last minute requests, but if you would like to take the hassle and stress out of renting a limo to attend NYC Fashion Week, reserve your limo early. At least a week in advance will ensure that you get the vehicle you want and your preferred timeslot. Reserving early will also allow you to focus on other aspects of your impending event such as what to wear and where you’ll go.

Tip #2: Travel as a Group

If you are planning to attend NYC Fashion Week with friends or as a group, treat them to a limo ride. In addition to ensuring that you and your group arrive comfortably to your fashionable events, booking a limo ride together will also cut down on the time waiting for tardy arrivals from group members if you arrive separately. Another way to cut down on time is arranging for you and your group to meet at one pick-up location. Doing this will save you time that would be spent going from one home to the other, decreasing the chances of you arriving late to fashion events.

Tip #3: Have an Idea of where you’ll go during NYC Fashion Week

During NYC Fashion Week, most fashion shows will be held in one venue while other fashion shows, mostly by indie designers, will be at other various locations. Before your scheduled events, map out where you plan to visit and mention this to your limo company. Similarly, if you are familiar with the city or the location of the events and think you know the quickest routes, share your preferred route with the limo service before the day of your travel. If your chauffeur knows your scheduled locations ahead of time, they can plan out convenient routes that will get you from one event to the other without sacrificing time. The point is, you want to plan ahead. This way your chauffeur and car service will be able to meet your needs.

Tip #4: Know the Length of Time you want to rent a Limo

Though plans can change, having an idea of how long you would like to rent a limo for will ensure that you have your limo available to you when you need it. This will also allow you to keep to a budget and prevent any unnecessary fees.

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