5 important things to do before you book prom transportation

Booking Prom Transportation for Prom


The prom season can get hectic especially when it comes to reserving prom transportation for prom night. There are many things to consider when booking a limo for prom such as selecting the right limo and picking the best package that fits your budget.

Here are five important things you should do before you book prom transportation for prom.

Set a Budget with your Group

Before you start searching for prom transportation, be sure to set a budget with your group and confirm that everyone is comfortable with the budget. Booking prom transportation as a group is great for minimizing the cost of booking a limo solo. So it is important that you all come to an agreement on how much you each can allocate for the limo. This will ensure that costs are split equally.

Decide where you will go Pre or Post-Prom

Many limo companies offer different rates based on where you are traveling and requested wait-times. Before booking prom transportation, be sure to create an itinerary for the night. It will help both you and your limo company pick the perfect package for you based on your plans for your prom night. For example, if you are traveling as a group to prom you may want to arrange with your group to meet-up at one location so that your driver isn’t traveling to far distances to pick everyone up. Additionally, if you plan to enjoy a post-prom dinner be sure to include this on your itinerary so that you and the limo company know how long you will need to book prom transportation.

Research and Pick the right Vehicle

Researching your vehicle before making a reservation will help you decide on the right limo for the night that will accommodate you and your date or your group of friends. Additionally, researching prom transportation before making a reservation will guarantee that you get the right vehicle that fits your style, budget, and offers the preferred amount of space needed for everyone to ride to prom comfortably.

Compare Prices and Packages

Visit limo company websites, browse their online galleries, and compare packages and prices. Don’t hesitate to call limo companies to get a feel for how they handle your phone call. Prom night is a big night so you want to make sure that you are trusting your experience and safety with the right company. You also want to guarantee that you are getting the best deal and package that’s perfect for your budget.

Pick a Date to Reserve Your Vehicle

Set a date that you would like to reserve prom transportation and stick with it. Time can fly when you’re focusing on the small details of prom. Be sure to circle a date on your calendar to call your preferred limo company to reserve your limo. It’s a great idea to reserve your limo early to get the vehicle you want.

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