5 things to remember when reserving a limo for New York Casino visits

How to Reserve a Limo for a New York Casino


Planning a New York casino trip can be exciting whether you are planning to spend your time there placing bets or just taking in the experience of being in a casino. Many casino visitors are reserving limos for their visits due to the convenience and comfort limos provide.

Before reserving your limo for your next New York casino visit, remember to do these five things.

Reserve your Limo Early

Reserving your limo ahead of time will allow you to get the vehicle you want and avoid last minute arrangements. Getting your limo reservation done early will give you an opportunity to focus on other aspects of your trip. Some limo companies offer early bird specials for early bookers so you’ll get the vehicle you want and probably at a discount.

Research the Perfect Limo for You

Whether you’re planning to travel solo or as a group, the perfect limo will add to your New York casino experience. The one thing you want to confirm is that you pick the right vehicle that will offer comfort, style and space to accommodate you or a group. Arriving like a high roller to a New York casino will put you in the right mindset to sit at a slot machine, blackjack table or any other betting tables with confidence. This can also have a positive effect on your game.

Pick the New York Casino(s) you’d like to Visit

Many casino visitors like to try their luck at several casinos. Maybe they’d like a change of atmosphere or would like to take in the sights and sounds of more than one New York casino. If this sounds like you, be sure to let your limo service know this before your scheduled casino visit. This will allow your chauffeur to come up with convenient routes to get you to casinos in different locations. Plus, it’s just great for both you and your driver to know your itinerary to avoid unnecessary traffic or other delays.

Determine if you’d like Refreshments before your Arrival

Perhaps you’d like to sip on your favorite soda or brand of champagne on your way to the casino. Visiting a New York casino can offer more than games and is usually a fun option for birthday parties, bachelorette/bachelor parties. Even if you are visiting a casino for the pure enjoyment of the games, you can still treat yourself before arriving. Let your limo service know if you would like to have refreshments like drinks, ice or even napkins in your limo for your ride ahead of time so that they can meet your request.

Decide how long you plan to stay at the Casino

Determine from ahead of time how long you plan to stay at the casino. Wait times can vary so be sure to get a full estimate of how much it will be to reserve a limo for your preferred time. Be sure to also double check any extra fees if applicable that they may add if you go over your wait time. Most limo services will accommodate last minute requests to add on extra reservation time. Make sure to confirm this before the day of your visit to a New York casino.

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