How to plan and budget the limo rental costs for your family reunion this summer

Limo Rental for a Family Reunion


The weather is warming up and we are transitioning into summer, which means the start of planning a family reunion.

Getting together with family can be the highlight of the season, so ensuring that everyone enjoys themselves is important.

Renting a limo for your next family reunion could be just what your event needs to be the most memorable.

Before you reserve limos for your family reunion, read these tips to be prepared.

Decide on a Budget

Family reunions can rack up large costs. Between food and venue prices, it’s easy to exceed your budget. Renting a limo should also stay in line with your budget and what you can afford.

Before looking at limos, determine how much you would like to put aside for limo costs and review it with other members of your family who are also responsible for planning your family reunion.

Research Limo Rental Packages

Once you’ve set a budget for your reunion, begin researching limo rental packages.

Visit the websites of limo companies you are interested in renting limos from, and browse through their galleries to see what they offer to ensure that the vehicles meet your expectations for space and how many people they can seat.

It’s important to be reasonable when reviewing packages. Pricier packages come with greater benefits, but if you feel the packages are out of your budget, chose the most basic one.

Be sure to compare limo packages to ensure that you get the best deal for your family. And call up the limo companies to gather more details.

Split the limo rental costs

This is a great way to afford a limo for your reunion, especially if you plan to reserve multiple limos for the event.

After you’ve researched limo packages and know how much reserving limos will cost, discuss this with your family and determine how much everyone will need to chip in to rent limos.

You may rent a party limo bus instead of multiple stretch limos to cut down on costs. Or you may determine that only a certain amount of limos can be reserved and then think of transportation alternatives for some family members.

Whatever you decide, be sure to set a budget first then split the costs of renting limos for the reunion equally.

Above all, everyone should agree to their monetary contribution to avoid any surprises.

Reserve Early

Reserving your vehicles early will guarantee you get the cars you want and at a price you can afford. It’s important to start your research early so you leave enough time to speak with your family and decide on the vehicles you all want for the event.

Some limo companies offer early bird specials or throw in extra perks on limo packages for customers who reserve their vehicles before their events.

Plus, reserving your limo early will allow you to focus on other aspects of your event that may require more of your attention and additional planning.

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