Why you should rent a limo to attend the 2015 U.S. Open Tennis Championship in New York

Rent a Limo to the U.S. Open Tennis Championship


The 2015 U.S. Open Tennis Championship is scheduled to take place in New York from August 31 – September 13.

As you plan your visit and book hotel accommodations, you should spend time researching limousine companies for your visit. Renting a limo to attend the USTC will add to your experience and make your stay in New York one you won’t forget.

Here are a few more reasons you should rent a limo to attend the U.S. Open Tennis Championship in New York.

Renting a Limo will make things more Convenient

Renting a limo to attend this event will be convenient for you and your guests if you plan to travel as a group.

Using a limo to get to and from the event will take the work out of catching a cab or hopping on a train and hoping to get there on time.

You’ll have your own chauffeur who’ll be familiar with the roads and will know quicker routes to the event. This can help reduce time wasted in traffic.

To simplify the pickup and drop off location, you and your group should decide on one location where you’ll meet up for your limo ride. This will help cut down on wait-time and limo costs.

You’ll be more comfortable

The USTA is scheduled for August, one of the warmest months of the year in New York. During this time, the subway stations are hot and muggy with only overhead fans (in some stations) to keep commuters cool.

Renting a limo to attend the tennis event will assist in avoiding those conditions.

The moment you step into your limo, you are greeted by the fresh blow of the in-car air conditioning which will keep you cool as you ride to the event and on your way back home once the event is over.

You’ll always have a seat and won’t have to deal with the cramp feeling of a yellow cab or a crowded subway car.

Renting a Limo is a Great way to Treat Yourself

Besides the above reasons, treating yourself to a limo ride to the sporting event works too.

You are attending an event to watch your favorite tennis player make history, so why not give yourself the full experience?

You’ll be comfortable on arrival and will have the peace of knowing you can continue to enjoy yourself and stay comfortable on your way back home once the event has concluded.

Avoid the stress of dealing with traffic by sitting in the backseat on cushioned seats with room to stretch out your legs while sipping on the refreshment of your choice and building memories with friends, family or even colleagues if you travel as a group.

Do you think you’ll need a limo for your trip to the U.S. Open Tennis Championship?

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