Prom Limo: How you can afford the prom limo you really want on a tight budget

Renting a Prom Limo on a Tight Budget


Renting a prom limo can get pricey, especially if the cost is way out of your budget. Before you decide against renting a limo for prom and finding an alternative way to get to the biggest night of the school year, consider coming up with a plan that will make renting a limo possible.

With a little planning, renting a limo for prom can be a stress-free task.

Keep reading to learn how you can afford the prom limo of your dreams on a tight budget.

Start Saving for your Prom Limo Early

The best way to save for a prom limo rental is to start saving early. Right now is the perfect time to begin setting aside money to cover the costs of that limo you really want. You can set up a separate bank account or purchase a piggy bank to hold your prom limo cash. For example, you and your parents can come up with a plan to set aside $100 each week until you have the amount needed to rent your prom limo.

Reserve your Prom Limo Ahead of Time

Just as saving for a prom limo early will help you cover your prom limo costs on a tight budget, reserving a limo from ahead of time can get you the best deal on your limo. Some limo companies offer early bird specials or similar specials for customers who reserve their vehicles in advance. Instead of waiting until the last minute to reserve your limo, research limo companies and contact them to inquire about any specials for reserving your limo now.

Rent a Prom Limo with Friends

Renting a prom limo with your friends is the best way to fund your limo rental on a tight budget. By renting a limo as a group, you can split the costs equally. Doing this will significantly reduce the overall cost of renting a limo, and will increase your chances of getting the limo you really want without spending too much. When renting a prom limo as a group, be sure that everyone involved agrees with the limo that will be rented as well as the amount everyone will need to contribute to cover the prom limo cost.

Pick the Prom Package that fits Your Budget

Before making a final decision on the limo you would like to rent for prom, be sure to do some research on the prom limo packages. Most limo companies’ prom limo packages offer great perks such as well-suited chauffeurs and complimentary refreshments. Pick the prom package that best fits your budget and needs. When you do this, you don’t run the risk of spending in excess on a limo that is way out of your budget.

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