Prom Limo: 4 simple tips for getting the perfect limo for prom

Picking the Perfect Prom Limo


Picking the perfect prom limo for prom can be a breeze when you have an idea of what you really want.

The tips below will help you pick the right limo for you and will help make your prom night a memorable one.

Research Limos before Reserving

Before reserving the perfect prom limo, be sure to research everything about the vehicles you are interested in. View the online galleries of limo company websites to get a first look at what these limos look like. Compare the features that matter the most to you and make sure that it offers enough space for you to sit comfortably. This is the limo that will make or break your prom night so take your time researching and gathering enough information to make your decision to reserve an easy yet well thought out one.

Ask your Preferred Limo Company as many Questions as Possible

When researching, do not hesitate to call your preferred limo company for more details on your perfect prom limo. Ask about their available packages, the lowest and highest prices for reserving a limo as well as wait times. You can tell a lot about a limo company from your first phone call. Are they helpful? Did they answer all of your questions with confidence and in a friendly manner? This will typically be your first contact with the limo company so feel them out to make sure they are the perfect fit for you.

Pick the Limo that best fits your style

When picking the perfect prom limo, make sure you are picking the limo that fits your style and isn’t just popular. A lot of times when picking a limo, prom goers tend to pick the limo that is in popular demand versus a limo that fits their actual styles and tastes. While a stretch Hummer may be popular, it may not be the style of limo that fits your style. Keep in mind your dress or suit for the night when selecting your limo. Also, consider how the vehicle of your choice will look parked behind you in photos that you will view for years to come.

View your Limo at least one Week before Prom night

The final component to picking the perfect prom limo  is viewing your reserved car at least a week before prom. As mentioned in previous posts, viewing your limo before prom will ensure that you get the limo you’ve had your heart set on and will eliminate any unnecessary surprises on prom night. This will also give you a chance to ask any additional questions you may have for your limo company regarding the limo or travel details.

Are you ready to reserve the perfect prom limo?

Moonlight Limo offers an array of vehicles that will fit any style and offer added appeal to prom night.

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