Love at first sight! Porsche cayenne limo with jet door

Love at first site

Porsche Cayenne Limo

Who said it doesn’t exist? Porsche Cayenne limo from North Jersey Limo Service was all I needed to believe in love. She accepted all my 14 friends without judging their background, their personality or the way they looked. It was easy, as soon as I met her, we went to night on the town.  As soon as we stepped out with her everyone turned heads, she was perfect. Her pearl white skin tone and smooth figure glided through the night as all of my friends were enjoying themselves besides us. Bystanders couldn’t but notice the way me and my friends were treated by her. She made us feel famous, incredible, and confident. North Jersey Limo Service did it again.

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Porsche Cayenne Limo

porsche-cayenne-limo-jet-doorShe was so elegant, so refreshing and crisp we enjoyed PSY Gangham Style  as we pulled up to the club in New York city. All of us couldn’t but think how love in this  Porsche cayenne limo can overwhelm our senses and turn us into a trance of feeling truly alive. When she stopped and  the jet door was swung open her music spilled onto the streets of New York. By standers eagerly waited to see what will happen next, some pulled out their camera phones, others stood silently and looked stunned. My friends realized the amount of fun they had with her and just did not want to leave. Champagne continued to flow as we purposely stalled and hung to every moment she was giving us. Open jet door, bright lights, and loud sound system effortlessly reminded us of true love.
Even though our night wasn’t over, the feeling of losing the moment that was experienced inside kept us wanting to come back for more. Secretly I wanted to skip the part of going to the club and come back to her. She was perfect.

My love- Porsche Cayenne Limo from North Jersey Car Service