4 things to consider when planning prom transportation

Planning Prom Transportation


It may seem too early to think about prom transportation, but right now is the perfect time to start searching for the perfect ride for prom night. Prom season in the tri-state area is usually scheduled for late May and mid-June. With prom transportation checked off your list, you can focus on other things like what to wear and how to make the night a memorable one.

Do you want to start planning your transportation to prom, but don’t know where to start? Consider these four things before deciding on your ride for prom night.

What’s your Budget?

Budget is an important factor when planning prom transportation. When renting a limo for instance, there are affordable options that will meet any budget and that can help save you money. For example, a great way to save on prom transportation is by sharing a limo with friends. Sharing a limo will allow you and your group of friends to split the costs of the limo and travel to prom together, building memories that will last a lifetime.

What Type of Prom Transportation will Work Best for you?

Will you need a party bus for the prom or a traditional limo? Picking the ideal ride to prom will guarantee you’ll arrive confident and happy. If you are planning to share prom transportation with a handful of friends, a stretch limo is what you’ll need. A spacious vehicle like this can seat under 20 people and you’ll arrive in style and luxury in the vehicle of your choice. If you plan to arrive to prom with 20 or more people, then a party bus may be what you’re looking for. Sometimes the party starts before the actual party, and party bus limos gives you the space and atmosphere specifically with this in mind.

Should you see your Reserved Vehicle before the Big Day?

Request to see your reserved vehicle before the night of your prom. Doing this will give you confidence in the vehicle you’ve rented and will avoid any unwanted surprises. Similarly, viewing the vehicle before prom night will help determine if you may need a larger or smaller limo to accommodate your group size. Doing this can also help you save money on unnecessary costs.

How Long Should you Reserve Transportation?

Timing is always a concern for many prom goers. If you plan to travel with friends, you’ll need to keep in mind how long it will take everyone to get ready as well as how far everyone lives from each other. With this said, having an idea of how long you would like to reserve your ride to prom will responsibly ensure that you enjoy the full benefits of renting a limo. If you plan to go anywhere before or after prom, plan ahead and reserve your limo for that duration of time.

Are you looking to get a head start on reserving prom transportation?

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