gwb party bus accident daniel fernandez

Party bus accident which took the life of 16 year old NJ resident

Safety safety and safety on the minds of all those that heard about the party bus accident that took the life of 16 year old Daniel Fernandez. This is also on the minds of every parent when it comes to renting a limo for any type of an event. Proms, Sweet 16s, trips to NYC for the Night on the Town are among the events which teens like to push their boundaries and break the law.

Unfortunately Sweet 16th birthday celebration didn’t go as planned when 16 year old Daniel Fernandez from Sayreville, NJ stuck his head out of the emergency latch in a party bus limo. He was struck by the underside of i-95 on George Washington bridge. He was a student at St. Francis prep in Fresh Meadows, NY. This of course is an unfortunate event but you can’t not think who is to blame. Who is responsible for this tragedy? As a limo company owner you always ensure that your customers are safe and happy when it comes to your New Jersey transportation service. You obviously can’t oversee everything that can go wrong on the road but certain measures can be taken to prevent accidents. In the case of this Sweet 16 party several teens twitted and updated their Facebook status with referring to getting drunk in a limo, having lots of alcohol. The law prohibits underage drinking, so when carrying minors in your limousine there can’t be any alcohol in the vehicle. We as limousine company owners make sure that parents are aware of this. Putting our driver on alert to check for any mischief is also a priority for Moonlight Car and Limo. You cannot do a thorough search of every individual of course, but you can keep an eye on the activity that is going on inside your car. The case of the party bus accident which claimed the life of a 16 year old Daniel Fernandez certain actions could have been taken to at least prevent illegal behavior of consuming alcohol by underage teens. The article states that a security personnel was present and kept an eye on the teens. If proper training was administered by the limo company, then this security guard should have not allowed for any underage drinking to take place. He could have prevented this party bus accident. When underage teens abuse alcohol, there will be room for another party bus accident and certain unpredictable behavior. If in fact alcohol was a contributor to the way these teens behaved, then we can say that the practices of this particular limousine company were not up to the standard. Police will further investigate to find out what actually happened in this party bus accident.

It is extremely important to raise questions regarding alcohol and emergency situations when it comes to renting a limo. Parents should always ask about policies and procedures.

  • What happens if there is underage drinking inside the limo?
  • What measures will the limo company or the driver take if one suspects alcohol consumption by a minor?
  • Are there any preventative measures that can be taken to ensure policy and procedures are kept?

Having a good time is not a crime, however there is a reason why we have laws and regulations. Some laws, regulations and policies prevent us from hurting ourselves. We ought to understand and think why they are in place, use them for our advantage and take them seriously.

As a Limo company, our condolences go out to the family of Daniel Fernandez and all those affected by this Party Bus accident tragedy. Let this be a hard lesson for all those in the industry who are not setting the bar when it comes to safety and precautionary measures.