How to rent the limo of your dreams for prom

Renting a Limo for Prom


Every high school student dreams of the day they will attend their senior prom and what type of limo they will rent to get there. Many students spend a good part of their high school lives planning for prom or at least giving it a little thought.

Prom night is a memorable event, so naturally you want everything to run smoothly with no hiccups. Renting the limo of your dreams is very possible especially if you follow the below suggestions.

Here is how you can rent the limo of your dreams for prom night.

Set a Budget

This is an important first step. Prom is a memorable time, but if you aren’t careful you could rent a limo out of your budget. If it will be easy on your parents’ wallet if you shared a limo with a group of friends versus just booking a limousine for you and your date, speak with your friends and see if you all can ride to prom together. This will allow you to split the costs, cutting your bill in half.

Reserve Early

So you’ve found a limo that has all the features that you want, now what? Reserve your limo early. Chances are someone wants the same limo you do and are looking to reserve their car before everyone else. Besides getting the limousine that fits your style and budget, reserving your limo ahead of time will ensure that you have the limo you really want instead of a car you’ll settle for. Additionally, you will be able to cross out renting a limo off your prom to-do list allowing you to focus on other things as well as bask in your anticipation for prom.

Ask about Refreshments

Ask your limo company when reserving your limo if your reservation comes with refreshments. Sipping on soda or water on your way to prom will guarantee you are well hydrated for a night of dancing and building memories. And when prom is over, you’ll have refreshments to cool down from all the fun you had.

View your Reserved Limo again a week before Prom

A week before prom night, be sure to stop in and see your reserved limo. This is more to confirm that everything is in order so that the night runs smoothly. Also, go over your travel itinerary for the night to make sure you and your limo company are on the same page. This is prom night after all, so confirming that you’ll get everything you signed up for is important.

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