Giants Stadium Transportation

Let’s Go Giants!!!

Giants Stadium Transportation

giants stadium transportation

Let’s go giants!!! With the start of the Football Season right around the corner, getting to the game is a priority for fans from all around the area.  Everyone wants to have a great time at the game and not have to worry about transportation and driving. Getting to Metlife Stadium can be tricky. Make the safe and smart choice by leaving the transportation to giants stadium up to us. With one quick call or email you can arrange Metlife stadium transportation for you and your friends.
MoonLight Limo offers limo service to Giants games all season long.

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metlife stadium transportation


You can reserve a limo and tailgate in style. The driver will wait with you while you are tailgating. Once the game starts leave your belongings in the limo and enjoy the live action in the stadium.  If you prefer to be dropped off at the game and picked up later, our Giants Stadium Transportation service offers pick and drop.  Avoid sitting in traffic and waiting in long lines. Relax in the comfort of one of our luxury limos, while you are being driven by one of professional chauffeurs. When it comes to transportation to giants stadium we know what you might want. All of our limousines come fully stocked with soda, water and ice.  Also we are very open minded when it comes to bringing your own drinks for your tailgating party.  With only 8 games at The MetLife Stadium there are only a few opportunities to make it out to the stadium for a fun filled day of tailgating, football and good company. So don’t wait too long to reserve your limo service to giants stadium. Give MoonLight Limo a call for your transportation needs to any event at the MetLife Stadium or Izod Center. We will be glad to accommodate your transportation needs.

If you are not in need of our Giants Stadium Transportation service we recommend visiting metlife stadium website for more detailed information on how to get to the stadium.