I spend too much when I party! From now on I’m renting Bergen County Limo from Moonlight

Bergen County Limo

Why it makes sense to rent Moonlight- Bergen County Limo for your night out partying. Certain things you can’t avoid when it comes to going out. If you don’t have a hook up in a club or know the bouncer you probably won’t get in unless you pay an entrance fee or buy a bottle service. And after that you still looking to spend ridiculous amounts on drinks. If you going out in New York city, in a decent club be ready to pay for $9 beers $14 shots and almost $20 for mixed drinks. Oh, and yeah, don’t forget to tip the bartender every time you get a drink! That is another $2 per drink if you don’t want a dirty look and diluted drinks next time you order. Now what if you want to buy a friend or a girl a drink?, your tab will double in no time. When asked people how much they spend for a night on the town (partying, clubbing, bar hopping, lounge) average person spends between $150-200 (entrance to a venue, drinks, transportation, food). When asked a group of guys ‘what was the biggest expense?’ they said drinks. Yes some pregame, some take public transportation, and some have friends that can get them in the club after a long wait outside, but why go thru all the trouble when you can save money and not have to stress out. The catch is, rent Bergen County Limo Service! Here is the breakdown.


Why it makes sense:bergen county limo service

Moonlight Bergen County Limo Service is taking 8 guys on the night on the town in new York city for 4 hours on a Chrysler 300 limo( sits 12). They bring with them 2 bottles of Grey Goose vodka 750ml ($70). Each bottle contains 20 shots, so 40 shots for 8 people or 5 per person. (Those 40 shots would have cost them $560 in the club) Their Bergen County Limo contract is for 4 hours total, $80 per hour plus gratuity. The total limo rental for their night of partying is $384. Take$384 add $70 for 2 bottles of Grey Goose pregame liquor you get $454. Divide this between 8 people you get $57 per person. Say you pay $30 entrance fee for the club, that’s $87 you are still only at half of what an average party goers would pay. Have more friends you can bring down your average price even more and ride in our Porsche Cayenne 14 passenger limo with jet door! If booking with 14 people your average can be as low as $44 per person. Check our cheap limo rates.

The benefits of renting Cheap Bergen County Limo Service aside from saving money:
  1. Ride in style, limo picks you up and drops you off. saves you the hassle for public transportation or dirty yellow cabs (more money)
  2. Most people start their party early right inside the limo.
  3. Music blasting and drinks flowing.
  4. Avoid getting arrested for driving under the influence.
  5. Let your usual designated driver relax and have fun with you.
  6. Avoid stress, all your buddies will have a great time riding with you in our Bergen County Limo