How to avoid stress when booking prom transportation

Planning Prom Transportation Without the Stress


Prom is one of the most important events in a high school student’s life and comes only second to graduation. While it is an exciting event, planning for it can get stressful. Especially when planning prom transportation.

Avoiding the stress can be simple, and like everything else in life all depends on planning ahead of time.

Here are some easy steps you can take to reduce the stress of reserving prom transportation.

Decide how many of your Friends you Plan to Travel with to Prom

Do you plan to travel to prom with just you and your date or will you travel with friends? This question is an important one because it’ll let you know what type of vehicle you will need. If you plan to travel with a group, you will have to keep in mind the size of your group and how many people your limo can accommodate. To avoid stress, determine how many people you plan to travel to prom with before reserving. When you do reserve your limo, be sure to book a limo that can accommodate an extra couple to add to your already confirmed group. This will account for any last minute requests from friends.

Reserve Prom Transportation Early

Reserving prom transportation early will reduce stress. You’ll get the vehicle you want and you get one of the most important parts of prom planning out of the way. It’s recommended that you reserve your limo a few months in advance and for good reason. Every year as prom season approaches, many students and parents scramble to get the perfect limo. These perfect limos are usually popular and are booked by individuals who started their search early. Booking your limo ahead of time guarantees that you get the vehicle you want minus the worry.

Research the Vehicle You’d Like for Prom Night

It’s important that you do your research before reserving prom transportation. It’s top priority that you reserve a vehicle that will accommodate you and your group. Check with limo company websites first to view a photo gallery of all their vehicles. You can also call them to ask any questions that are not answered via their website. Before the night of your prom, at least one week before, view your vehicle in-person. This will help avoid any surprises or added stress on your big night.

Let Your Limo Service Know Your Itinerary

Get the best benefits from renting a limo for prom by letting your limo service know your plans for prom night ahead of time. Perhaps you need to make several stops to pick up friends that you plan to travel to prom with. You may also plan to attend a post-prom dinner. Whatever the plan is, be sure to let your limo service know your plans so that they can plan ahead. Doing this will also allow you to get the ideal time slot and avoid any extra fees if you need your limo for longer than your reservation.

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