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 After Prom Ideas in NYC

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For prom 2013 you’re going to need a few things: dress, date, limousine, after prom plans and an after prom outfit! For your limo the best place to go is Moonlight Limousines, they have an extensive selection and great prices. For your after prom party you must check out AfterProm.com, they host the hottest after prom parties in NYC! From fabulous night clubs to party boats cruising around the Hudson River, you’re sure to have the perfect prom night. After you have your dress, date, limo and after prom party spot there’s only one thing left, an after prom outfit.

 After Prom Outfit Ideas

If you’re having trouble finding an after prom outfit, no need to worry, there’s plenty of trends to choose from for prom 2013! Our friends from Lulu’s and Go Jane have a ton of dresses that fit these trends plus more. It doesn’t matter if you’re cruising around NYC in your limo or on the Hudson River, you will look fabulous in these dresses!





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Shelby from AfterProm.com and Prom Limo NJ