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Affordable Limo

and why you should rent from Moonlight

There are many misconceptions when it comes to renting an affordable limo. Most revolve around the prices and how expensive it is to rent a limo. Yes limousines are exotic, luxury vehicles which many times are used by celebrities and people who have lots of money,however they are not actually built for those particular people. The truth is celebrities are only a small fraction of those who actually use limousine services. And when they do, they bargain hunt like everyone else. Recently we drove New Jersey housewives: Theresa, Kim, Melissa and Jacqueline- you would think they would rent a limo in New Jersey and don’t ask questions. They sure were looking for Affordable limousine service NJ.

affordable limo service nj
Well it turns out that celebrities are also on the look out to save money and find a cheap limo services. Their representative contacted us and was eager to talk about deals, promotions and some sort of a barter. They were pleased to receive a great deal on our 14 passenger Porsche Cayenne limo with jet door and satisfy the transportation needs for the night. So feel free to call us and tell us about your special event, we are always willing to work with our customers and make sure they receive the best prices. Make sure to browse through our deals section and see our coupons, specials and promotions.  An easy start to receiving a quick 5% off is to like our Facebook page. Good luck and hope you have a great event.