About Moonlight Limo Company

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[title size=”2″]Welcome to Moonlight Limo[/title]

Moonlight Limo Company is a family owned business started back in 2006 by the founder Mike Rozenbaum. Ever since Mike and his team have been muscling the competition and making a presence when it comes to Car and Limo Service in the area.

Our Goal

it’s simple, to provide excellent transportation service that gets you home without hiccups. We are a close knitted family and able to take pride in the customer satisfaction that we earn from each job. We are agile enough to take on big volume and still not blink ;). Try us out.


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[title size=”2″]Reasons to hire my Company[/title]
[toggle title=”Reviews”]first and foremost, i can toot my horn all day long, not my intention, check our reviews
[toggle title=”Our Pride in Work”]if you happen to speak to me on the phone, you will notice my emphasis on customer relations and satisfaction[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Openness”]When you run a family business like mine, understanding client’s needs is key. We carry open conversations with our customers.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”We Can Deliver”]Pressed against time? need us to manage your transportation needs? We can do this with ease, many years of experience in the industry helps us plan, and deliver a superb service on demand.[/toggle]

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[title size=”2″]Our Core Values[/title]
[progress percentage=”95″]Integrity[/progress]
[progress percentage=”95″]Relationships[/progress]
[progress percentage=”98″]Attention to detail[/progress]
[progress percentage=”95″]Compassion[/progress]

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[title size=”2″]Our Happy Clients[/title]
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My Core Values



I don’t believe in a run around, my actions speak louder than words and when I utter words, I firmly stand by them. Being honest with my customers brings me personal joy and peace of mind that allows me to continue with my business endeavors and keep Moonlight Limo Company honest.



I have a personal passion for cars. I’ve always took good care of all my cars and continue to do so with my current fleet. When you order my vehicles I make sure they are well kept and always ready for your special event. The affiliates I work with need to uphold the same standard if they want to earn my business.



Trust and honor might sound old fashion, but these universal truths are very close to my philosophy when it comes to doing business and relationships. I honor every human being and with mindful thinking allow myself to treat everyone with respect and dignity. This understanding and right action always contributed to my success. I transfer this understanding when I run my Moonlight Limo Company.



Working with customers on the daily basis and dealing with difficult situations requires lots of patience. Even though this industry is a fast paced, I tend to always rely on being patient and calm. This helps my customers make the right decisions when choosing the vehicles, service and working with me in the future. When it comes to sales, I don’t believe in being cutthroat, pushy, or imposing. I firmly believe an informed/educated customer is your best customer, so being patient with customers and understanding their needs is my number one priority.


Attention to Detail

I have a good memory and this helps me with paying close attention to many things that are going on in my business. My receptionist, dispatcher, partners know me for raising many questions and making sure all everything is running smoothly. This approach provides me with the peace of mind, and ensures that my company continuing to provide excellent customer service.



One of the most important qualities that sometimes are being overlooked or undermined by business owners. Knowing how to be compassionate towards everyone is sometimes extremely difficult. My strategy to be compassionate is to always see things for what they really are. This allows me accept people for who they are and how they behave. We don’t always know the situation, the history of everyone we come across. I think there are good reasons as to why a person behaves a certain way, without knowing these reasons I choose not to jump into conclusions. This approach in turn helps the individual to trust me and become more open, and when that happens a new relationship flourishes in which both parties are rewarded.

Mike Rozenbaum