6 Unique Wedding Invitation Ideas


It’s your special day and it should be a celebration of your personalities, tastes, things you have in common and even little in-jokes. A great way to entice your wedding guests and give them a taste of what to expect at your wedding is the invitation. Whether your wedding is going to be a super-elegant affair or a themed blow-out, here are six ideas to help you get creative with your invitation.

It’s a Puzzle, Indeed


Source: Jettingtothewedding.com

People have long enjoyed a good puzzle, whether it’s a crossword, jigsaw, Sudoku, or acrostic. Give your guests a bit of a challenge with your invitation by creating a one-of-a-kind puzzle that’s all about you. Use a beautiful photo to create a jigsaw puzzle, your names and words of romance for a crossword or acrostic, or get crazy creative and make them build a small model airplane with the details printed on the wings.

Pop-up, Pull-out and Cut-out Paper


Source: Classicweddinginvitation.com

There’s something pretty magical about a beautiful pop-up book. If your romance has been a bit of a fairy tale, why not celebrate that with a pop-up wedding invitation. You can also do some really amazing things with cut-outs and pull-outs to create a fun, whimsical invitation that tells the story of you.

Go Digital

Kotaku gamer invite

Source: Kotaku.com

So who said a wedding invitation had to be printed on paper, anyway? There are hundreds of ways to create a digital invitation, from a password-controlled webpage to a private YouTube video, to a thumb drive or even a good old-fashioned DVD. You can get amazingly creative with digital formats, too, giving your guests anything from a home movie about your romance to a mini video game that they can play and enjoy.

Recipes for a Happy Marriage


Source: Rooted in Love

Every couple has their favorite recipes they like to cook – or get someone else to cook for them. Why not share a few of these with your guests in a little recipe book invitation? Another cute idea is to send the invitation on a blank recipe card and ask your guests to RSVP by sending back the recipe card with one of their favorite family recipes written in.

Souvenirs and Keepsakes


Source: Brilliantearth.com

Your wedding day is one you will remember for the rest of your life – why not make it one your guests will remember, too? Send your invitation in the form of a decorative or functional keepsake that will have them recalling your wedding for years. Reflect your personalities in it, too: if you love travel, send them a message in an engraved bottle; if you’re known for your dinner parties, send a printed placemat or potholder; sports fans? send a hockey puck or baseball with your names and the wedding date inked on it.

I Sense a Theme


Source: Trendhunter.com

Crazy, themed weddings have also seen a surge in popularity over the last few years. Star Wars, Super Mario, Gothic fantasy, Vampires… if there’s a book, movie or video game about it, you can bet fans have thrown a themed wedding. Even if your wedding is leaning to the more traditional, who says your wedding invitation can’t be themed? Doctor Who fans can send a mini-TARDIS, Hunger Games lovers can send an arrow… there’s no end to the ideas. You don’t even have to be limited to fandoms: Beach lovers? Send a tiny Tiki mask. Vegas fans? Send a personalized playing card.

Your wedding invitation is the first thing a lot of people are going to see related to your wedding. It gives you an unrivalled opportunity to give them a real insight into your relationship, styles and what you enjoy in life. Have fun with it, let folks know just what they’re in for and make it your own.