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5 Things To Do On Your Way To The Prom

5 Things to do on your way to the Prom

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For many people, prom night becomes one of the fondest memories of high school. Only one night, and so much to do and experience! You get a beautiful prom gown or a tuxedo, and flowers, and a safe and reliable limousine, and it’s so scary and exhilirating all at once. It’s an exciting coming of age ritual.  There’s some awesome things you can (and should) do while you’re heading to the prom with your friends. The ride to the venue should be a memory in itself, since you’ve got a great prom limo and all your friends are there with you. Some are just for fun, some are absolutely important, and some are memories in the making. Here’s a list of five awesome things to do in your limo on your way to the prom!

1. Take photos.

Take lots of photos! Photos can get lost or deleted, so you want to have a lot of them on hand, just in case. You want to be able to remember this years from now, and to show your prom night to your children. Drive out to a favorite hangout spot, and pose there, wearing your gowns and tuxes. Take photos inside the limo, pretending you’re an important celebrity on the way to the red carpet. Take some silly photos with your friends. Take a limo selfie for Instagram… or do a Vine! Snapchat your friends who aren’t going to prom, so they can be totally jealous of your evening. Document every minute of your prom experience, including the ride there.

2. Look back on your favorite memories.

Prom night and graduating high school tend to go hand in hand; as you and your friends set out on a new life journey, many of you will part ways. There are many people whom you’ll never see again after graduation, even if they used to be your close friends and you had lunch together every day! While you’re riding to the venue, use this time to catch up with your friends. Discuss plans for the future, or favorite memories of the past four years. You might not get a chance again before graduation, so do it while you can.

3. Stop to eat something.

Proms don’t always have food, and if they do, it tends to be mediocre. So, it’s always a good idea to stop off and get something to eat ahead of time, to keep your energy levels up. Either stop off for some snacks, or go to a restaurant. You could even go to a drive-through in all your formal attire, just for laughs!

4. Play all your favorite songs.

You’re heading to one of the most important parties of your life! Blast your favorite music and get pumped for all the dancing that’s going to come. Having your favorite tunes already playing on the limo ride there is going to get your endorphins up, so you’ll be ready to party the moment you get to the venue. Plus, it’ll make any DJ the school hires sound more awesome… even if they’re mediocre!

5. Have fun!

You don’t have to be nervous, or worry too much about wrinkling your dress or smudging your makeup. Sure, it’s important, but it’s guaranteed that no matter what happens, you’re going to have fun anyway.

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