4 questions to ask before booking a limo for your next girls night out

Renting a Limo for a Girls Night Out


A girls night out with your friends may be just what you need this summer.

So why not rent a limo for the festivities?

Renting a limo for your night out on the town can add to the experience by providing comfort, dependability and convenience.

Before you book your limousine for your next girls’ night out, keep these questions in mind to ask limo companies when inquiring about reserving a vehicle.

What are your available limo rental packages?

When starting your search for the perfect limo for your next girl’s night out, be sure to review limo rental packages.

Pick the one that matches the theme of your outing and the package that fits your budget.

Keep a running list of their available perks to compare and contrast with others to see which companies best fit your ideal night out with your friends.

What type of limo can I rent for the night?

Before contacting any limo companies, do a web search for limousine styles. This will give you an idea of what you are looking for when you contact your preferred limo company.

Once you’ve decided on the limo style you like, visit limo company websites and browse their galleries. Doing this will save you time and will let you know if the limo company offers the vehicle that interests you.

If you don’t see the limo you want, contact the limo company to confirm if they have the vehicle available.
This will also give you a chance to see how the company handles your call and if you’d like to book a vehicle with them.

What are your Wait Time Charges?

When you speak with a representative at the limo company, inquire about their wait time charges.

Some companies offer a wait time grace period where you are not charged for a certain amount of minutes while the driver awaits your arrival.

Be sure to ask the limo company how much grace period is allotted for the night and their wait time rates.

What’s your cancellation process and policy?

Life happens, and often these circumstances can lead to a change in plans.

To cover all bases, be sure to prepare for any last minute emergencies.

Before you book your limo for your girls night out, ask the limo company what their cancellation policy is.

Many limo companies give you a certain amount of hours to cancel a reservation to avoid paying the full reservation fee. The fee is usually based on the vehicle you rent along with the time and season.

Be sure to get full details about their policy and keep them in mind in the event you may need to reschedule your girls’ night out and have to cancel your limo reservation.

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